The inaugural Green Innovation Competition is now open for registration. This year's competition is organised by the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in China (GPIPC) in collaboration with the China Recycling Economy Association, the Cleaner Production and Recycling Economy Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the China Environmental Investment Alliance and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This year's competition has invited ten national economic and technological development zones as supporters, and participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of their policies on a priority basis. Since the last issue, we have started to showcase the support policies of the seven Economic Development Zones in Tianjin, Kunshan, Nanjing, Jiangning, Zhenjiang, Hefei and Guangzhou and the Sino-German Ecological Park in Qingdao one after another. In this issue, we look at what the Suzhou Industrial Park, one of the Green Innovation Partners and the fourth Chairman of the GPIPC, has to offer to support innovation.


Excerpt from "Jiangsu Province Technology Innovation Funds for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"


Article 6 The source of provincial innovation funds is the annual budget arrangement of provincial finance, which adopts the way of free funding to support the technological innovation activities of science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.


Article 11 The funding for the provincial innovation funds shall not exceed 300,000 yuan in general, and the key projects shall not exceed 500,000 yuan.

The local authorities must support article 12 Projects applying for provincial innovation funds in advance, and the funding for a single project shall not be less than 1/3 of the provincial funds applied for. Priority shall be given to projects funded and recommended by science and technology business incubators with seed funds or incubation funds and projects supported by venture capital institutions.


Excerpts from the Implementation Rules of the Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talents Programme


Article 4 The Gusu Leading Talents Programme has three categories: Major Innovation Team, Leading Entrepreneurial Talents, and Innovation Leading Talents.


Article 5 Major Innovation Teams mainly support innovation and entrepreneurial teams with world influence that possess significant original innovation achievements to have the ability to sustain innovation and transform results, provide continuous innovation support for the development of strategic emerging industries, and lead and promote the leapfrog development of Suzhou industries.


Article 13 The major innovation teams that have been awarded projects will be given project funding of RMB 10 to 50 million after signing relevant agreements based on the comprehensive evaluation of the team strength, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, industrial-scale and leading and driving effects; the core members of the identified teams will enjoy the corresponding settlement subsidies for leading entrepreneurs or leading innovators respectively; if the attracting unit is a university or scientific research institute, the attracting unit will be given If the attracting team is a university or scientific research institute, the attracting unit shall be given an incentive of RMB 1 million.


Article 14 The entrepreneurial leaders who have set up projects shall be funded in three grades according to the comprehensive evaluation of the strength of talents and teams, innovative and entrepreneurial projects, enterprises, and industrialisation scale, etc. After signing the relevant agreements, they may be given a settlement allowance of RMB 2.5 million, RMB 2 million, and RMB 1 million, respectively and project funding of RMB 4 million, RMB 2 million and RMB 1 million. Suppose the annual sales revenue exceeds RMB 30 million within three years after the establishment of the project and the project is accepted. In that case, rolling support of up to RMB 1 million will be given on a merit basis.


Article 15 The innovative leading talents who have set up projects shall be funded in two grades according to the comprehensive evaluation of the strength and role of the talents and teams, the innovative and entrepreneurial projects, the situation of the attracting enterprises, etc. After signing the relevant agreements, they may be given 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan of the settlement allowance and 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan of the project funding, respectively; and the attracting enterprises shall be given 500,000-yuan, 300,000 yuan of the attracting incentives.


Article 16 The major innovation teams, entrepreneurial leaders and innovative leaders who have set up projects can enjoy the following policies simultaneously.


1.     Priority will be given to enterprises of leading talents to apply for special funds for credit risk compensation for small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology, subsidised funds for science and technology insurance premiums and subsidised funds for science and technology loan interest, and those who pass the examination will be given guaranteed financing loans of up to RMB 5 million, supported science and technology insurance premiums of RMB 300,000 and subsidised science and technology loan interest of RMB 500,000 respectively in accordance with relevant regulations.


2. Priority will be given to the appointment of visiting professors, researchers, and supervisors of doctoral or master's students in universities and research institutes in Suzhou.


3. Priority recommendation to declare Jiangsu Province's dual-innovation plan, national policies and other higher-level talent plans.


4. Include in the science and technology department's key service targets and prioritise those who meet the requirements to declare relevant science and technology projects at all levels. Focus on strengthening the counselling and training of relevant science and technology innovation policies.


5. Enjoy the living treatment related to high-level talents in Suzhou.


Excerpt from the Rules for the Implementation of Rent Subsidy Funds for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects in Suzhou Industrial Park


Article 2 Innovation and entrepreneurship projects refer to the projects in emerging industries such as nanotechnology, biomedicine, cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, etc. and the innovation and entrepreneurship projects of leading talents in science and technology in Suzhou Industrial Park, which are incorporated in Suzhou Industrial Park as independent legal entities with fixed sites and actually carry out R&D or production and operation in the Park. The projects shall have high technological content, good market prospect and a solid industrial drive.


Article 4 Subsidy standard: The full exemption of rent subsidy for science and technology funds shall not exceed 30 yuan/square/month, and the half exemption shall not exceed 15 yuan/square/month; if the actual rent is less than 30 yuan, the full amount or half of the actual rent shall be subsidised. The total amount of rent subsidy enjoyed by a single project will not exceed RMB 1.5 million. All innovative and entrepreneurial projects enjoying rent subsidies from science and technology funds should, in principle, be discussed and determined by the regular meeting of science and technology investment. Application for rent subsidies for innovation and entrepreneurship projects, except for the leading talent project, the subsidy period is not more than full one-year exemption and one year half, for projects of great significance can be appropriately relaxed years, in principle, not more than three years full exemption. For projects of special significance, one case can be discussed.


Article 5 If an innovative entrepreneurial project has already received rent subsidy and then is recognised as a leading talent project in the park, the enterprise may choose to continue to enjoy the original rent subsidy policy or to enjoy the rent subsidy for the leading talent project in the park from the month following the release of the leading talent title.


Article 6 Science and technology projects in the three emerging industries of nanotechnology, biomedicine and cloud computing that have the demand for rent payment and are not in the subsidy period of science and technology funds may be given certain loan support if they meet the requirements as determined by the innovative products of the risk compensation funds of the Small and Medium Enterprise Service Centre. For projects with high technological content, good market prospect and strong industrial drive, recommended by the investment department and approved by the regular meeting of science and technology investment, the maximum "rent loan" loan support can be given up to 3 million yuan. According to the loan discount policy, science and technology funds give discount support.


The above policies are extracted from:

 Suzhou Industrial Park Enterprise Development Service Centre - Policy Centre


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