On May 17, under the joint guidance of the Environmental Development Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Green Development Center of the China Investment Association, the 3rd  "Green Innovation Cup" Green Technology  Competition Semi-Final, Tianjin Station were successfully held. The event was organized by the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in ChinaGPIPC and hosted by the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) Administrative Commission.


Representatives from various companies participated in the roadshow, presenting projects focused on energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, artificial intelligence, resource recycling, and digital smart low-carbon technologies. The participating companies included Shandong Marine Engineering Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chengdu Zhisou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Rejing Boiler Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yichen Xinhuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Jiade Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Mingchuang Xinhai Ecological Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hexin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hezhu Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian Qitai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Chava Wind LLC (Germany/USA), DOPS Recycling Technologies (Netherlands), and Ruisi Blue Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 

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