On April 22, 2024, the 55th Earth Day was celebrated worldwide. To better support the sustainable development goals of national-level industrial parks, the Secretariat of GPIPC Earth Day activities with different themes across various locations. These activities focused on specific practices related to SDG7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), SDG11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG13 (Climate Action), SDG15 (Life on Land), SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals), and others.


GPIPC Suzhou Center


To support Suzhou Industrial Park in Achieving Digital Carbon Management Practices under the "One Network for Enterprise Services" Initiative.


On the afternoon of April 22nd, coinciding with the 55th Earth Day, the Economic Development Commission and the Ecology and Environment Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park, along with the Suzhou Industrial Park Energy Association and GPIPC Suzhou Center, hosted the "SIP-E Enterprise School: Enterprise ESG Management and Digital Carbon Accounting Tool Application" training event. It was co-organized by the Jinji Lake Business District of the industrial park. The event aimed to enhance enterprises' practical application of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and assist them in utilizing digital tools for carbon emission accounting. Over 90 companies participated in the training.


Chen Xia, Deputy Director of the Economic Development Commission of Suzhou Industrial Park, stated in her speech that conducting ESG application practices is a crucial strategy for sustainable development. High-level carbon emission management provides strong support for green transformation. The industrial park has formulated and implemented an action plan and several measures to promote ESG development. These measures focus on three key areas: green services, corporate social responsibility, and digital management. The park encourages the development of ESG industries and will conduct a series of application practice activities at both the park and enterprise levels. The park has established a Carbon Peak Platform, where companies can utilize features such as "One Network for Enterprise Services" to manage energy consumption and carbon emissions effectively through functionalities like energy consumption calculators, enterprise carbon accounting, and product carbon footprint analysis.

The Product Carbon Footprint Platform independently developed by GPIPC Suzhou Center has been seamlessly integrated into the "One Network for Enterprise Services" used by enterprises in the industrial park. This platform serves park enterprises by simplifying and optimizing carbon management processes through in-depth data analysis and simulated future emission scenarios. It assists enterprises in flexible tool self-inspection and helps them achieve carbon neutrality goals.


GPIPC Nanchang Center


To Actively Support the Construction of a Zero-waste Park in Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone


The "Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone 2024 Earth Day Special Event - Global Anti-plastic Campaign, Creating a Zero Waste Future" event is guided by the Changbei Ecology and Environment Bureau of Nanchang City. It is hosted by GPIPC Nanchang Center and Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Promotion Center.


The event invited over 50 participants, including Zhu Biao, a member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhang Xiaodong, Director of the Changbei Ecology and Environment Bureau of Nanchang City, Gao Bai, a second-level professor and doctoral supervisor at East China University of Technology, Zhang Haoxiang, Technical Director of GPIPC Secretariat, Zhang Xiaojun, head of the Environmental Protection Steward of Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, as well as relevant department heads of the zone, environmental officers from various streets (towns, offices), and environmental managers from key industrial enterprises within the zone. During the meeting, leaders and experts discussed topics such as exploring management objectives, plans, methods, and approaches for actively addressing plastic pollution and creating zero-waste parks. They delved into themes like "Opportunities and Challenges in Microplastic Pollution Control Under the 'Plastic Ban'", "Paths and Cases for Creating Zero-Waste Parks and Factories", and "Strengthening Environmental Management and Collecting and Treating VOC Emissions". These discussions provided further insights and recommendations for the establishment of a zero-waste park in the Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone.


GPIPC Tianjin Center


Hosting the theme event "Focusing on Wetland Biodiversity, Protecting Our Green Home Together


GPIPC Tianjin Center, together with the Jiangbei Wetland Conservation Center of Binhai New Area and the TEDA Environmental Protection Association, under the guidance of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, jointly organized a significant outdoor science popularization event called "Focusing on Wetland Biodiversity, Protecting Our Green Home Together." This event was aimed at environmental departments of enterprises and individuals engaged in environmental protection in society.


The event kicked off near the beaches of Jintuo in Hangu District, where participants could personally experience and learn about the unique value of wetland ecosystems. Through detailed explanations by professional experts, participants deeply felt humanity's responsibility to protect biodiversity and gained a profound understanding of the importance of ecological conservation. Subsequently, they visited the Hangu Salt Field Bird Rescue Station, where they had a close encounter with wildlife. Here, they not only learned about the habits and conservation of birds but also witnessed humanity's care and responsibility towards natural beings. This firsthand experience made everyone realize the urgency and importance of protecting biodiversity.


GPIPC Tianjin Center hopes that through such educational activities, more people can be inspired to pay attention to the protection of wetland ecosystems and join hands in safeguarding our beautiful green home.


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