On December 5, the China-Australia Low-carbon and Innovation Cooperation Forum was successfully held. The forum is co-hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce and the Australia China Business Council, sponsored by Rio Tinto Group. Under the theme of China-Australia low-carbon and innovation cooperation, Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs, scholars and experts had in-depth discussions on topics such as "Strengthen cooperation between China and Australia for carbon reduction" and "Joint innovation between China and Australia for carbon reduction". Song Yuyan, Director of the Secretariat of the GPIPC, was invited to attend the event and make a speech, and signed a memorandum of understanding with ACBC. The GPIPC and ACBC will continue to promote cooperation between Chinese industrial parks and the Australian government and enterprises in the field of green economy, focusing on information sharing, knowledge exchange and personnel visits.

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Ren Hongbin, chairman of both the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the CCOIC, said this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Australia, and the two countries have broad prospects for cooperation in the field of low-carbon development. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the CCOIC will play their role as a bridge, actively build bilateral and multilateral business cooperation mechanisms, guide and organize the Chinese business to participate in global governance of sustainable development.


Chinese Ambassador to Australia Xiao Qian said that China and Australia have frequent exchanges in different fields and at different levels and made remarkable achievements. In the process of promoting the development of low-carbon economy, the two countries have broad prospects for cooperation. China and Australia should strengthen exchanges and cooperation, work together to actively tackle global challenges and bring more benefits to our two peoples.


Australian Ambassador to China Graham Fletcher said climate change is an important area of bilateral cooperation between Australia and China, both countries have a long history of cooperation in commercial partnership, investment and scientific research. Low carbon is a new area of cooperation and innovation between Australian and Chinese enterprises, and the complementary advantages of resources and technologies will lead to successful cooperation between the two countries in this field.


David Olsson, chairman of the ACBC, said a recent report released by the council shows that Australian and Chinese companies have carried out successful cooperation in mining, energy, transportation and finance. Addressing climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time, and cooperation on this issue can help both countries better stabilize bilateral relations. It is believed that Australia and China can work together to overcome the challenge of global climate change, seize the opportunity of low-carbon transition and open a new chapter of bilateral cooperation.


Son Yuyan, Director of the Secretariat of GPIPC, shared her opinion in the round-table under the theme of "China-Australia Cooperation for Carbon Neutrality" with three aspects namely"ENORMOUS DEMAND: China's Dual Carbon policy expand the green technology market", "GREAT PLATFORM: Chinese industrial parks provide applicable scenarios for green techs" and "ACCURATE MATCHMAKING: Organize activities to promote Sino-Australian technical cooperation".


At last, Ms Song signed MOU with Mr. David Olsson in the close of the forum. GPIPC and ACBC plan to hold a series of exchange activities in 2023, focusing on market policy interpretation, market opportunity analysis, green technology sharing and technology needs matchmaking, etc., to provide a communication platform for each other's members and jointly explore cooperation opportunities in the green and low-carbon field between China and Australia.


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More information about ACBC from its website: The Australia China Business Council (acbc.com.au) 

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