In June 2022, the Secretariat of the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in China (the GPIPC, Tianjin TEDA ECO CENTER) and the World Wide Fund Beijing Representative Office (WWF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), aiming to carry out green and low-carbon pilot projects relating to innovation in water management and to trading of green electricity in industrial parks and enterprises. Together with all relevant supporters, this MOU will contribute to the goal of dual carbon and sustainable development.

Industrial parks are the carriers of regional economic development and industrial upgrading, and they are the epitome of regional socio-economic development. However, these parks are also the main source of energy consumption and carbon emission while providing a large amount of infrastructure and public services. As a leading development zone in China, the National Economic and Technological Development Zones (NETDZs) are set to promote the economic growth, industrial concentration and urbanization development of the related regions. They hold the future of being the "testing ground" and "pioneering zone" for the upgrading, low-carbon and sustainable development of industrial parks.

At present, the proportion of new energy consumption in China's industrial parks is relatively low, and there remains enough room for more. Further efforts are needed to improve the treatment, discharge and reusable technology of industrial wastewater. In the future, both sides will strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the development of projects in such forms as subject research, technical cooperation, capacity building, pilot demonstration and conference activities to help China's green development.

The cooperation will focus on three aspects.

1. Climate Business Hub (CBH): the Secretariat of the GPIPC will act as a co-sponsor and one of the technical partners of the project, building capacities and providing technical support for carbon reduction of enterprises in the park. It works to guide more enterprises to join the scientific carbon target initiative, carry out pilot demonstrations programs and achieve dual carbon target. In addition, it will explore the exchange and cooperation mechanism through "Climate Solver" held by the WWF and "Green Innovation Competition" held by the GPIPC.

2. Collective Action on Water Management Innovation and Watershed Governance in Industrial Parks: a series of capacity building activities, such as the industrial parks green development knowledge and action webinar, will be carried out according to the Implementation Guide on Water Management Innovation in Industrial Parks. As part of efforts to protect the wetland ecosystems and migratory bird habitats in the west of Bohai Bay, enterprises are encouraged to participate in the collective action on guarding the waters of Yellow and Bohai Sea to know more about the water environment around the parks.

3. Green power: the Secretariat of the GPIPC will support WWF to create pilots for green power trading, to explore enterprises with green power demand and to match them with green power suppliers, thus solving the problem of difficulties in green power purchasing.


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