On March 31, 2021, Mr. Fang Juntao, Vice President of Group Affairs of Nestlé Greater China, and his delegation visited the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in China(GPIPC) Secretariat, Tianjin TEDA Low Carbon Economy Promotion Centre (GPIPC), to discuss with the Green Development League Secretariat on concrete solutions and recommendations for sustainable development under Nestlé Greater China's 2050 "Net Zero Emissions" target.


Nestlé is a world-renowned food and beverage company with operations in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide and 23 factories in China. In September 2019, Nestlé announced its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. In December 2020, it published the food industry's first "Net-Zero Roadmap", with actions in eight areas: sustainable sourcing of raw materials, product portfolio transformation, use of renewable energy to produce products, and carbon-neutral brand transformation.


The Head of the GPIPC Secretariat gave a presentation on the background of the establishment of GPIPC and its main work in addressing climate change and promoting low-carbon initiatives in parks and enterprises, with a focus on source reduction, energy substitution, energy efficiency and offsetting mechanisms to suggest solutions to reduce corporate carbon emissions.


Mr. Fang Juntao, Vice President of Group Affairs of Nestle Greater China, said that Nestlé attaches great importance to sustainable development and actively responds to the "30 60" dual carbon target proposed by China, and hopes to participate in pilot projects related to net-zero emissions, both at the regional and national levels, and jointly explore ways to achieve carbon neutrality in the food industry and put them into practice. Also looking forward to participating in pilot projects related to net-zero emissions, both at the regional and national level, to explore and put into practice ways to achieve carbon neutrality in the food industry. They are also keen to work closely with the GPIPC to promote demonstration projects.


The GPIPC has launched National-level Economical and Technological Development Zone, the "Zero Carbon Initiative", in January 2021. It also welcomes the active participation of parks at all levels and enterprises in the industry in green and low-carbon development. Through systematic planning of carbon peaking routes and technological solutions to promote energy transformation and industrial structure transformation, we can boost our carbon peaking ambitions and make our contribution to the fight against global climate change.


With this common goal in mind, the GPIPC's Cloud Classroom "Carbon Neutral and Green Investment Series" will also be running a series of courses for different industries to practice carbon peaking. We look forward to the participation of all interested companies!

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