On 29 April 2021, the "New Wonderful Energy, New Future without Waste - The First 'Green Innovation Cup' Green Technology Innovation Competition and Industry Matchmaking Event", organised by the Green Partnership of Industrial Parks in China(GPIPC) and supported by China Environment News, was successfully concluded at the Fengda International Hotel in Beijing. Green Technology Innovation Competition Final and Energy Solid Waste Innovation Technology Industry Matching Event" was successfully completed in Beijing Fengda International Hotel. China Recycling Economic Association, Energy Efficiency and Investment Evaluation Committee of China Energy Research Association, Cleaner Production and Circular Economy Research Center of China Academy of Environmental Sciences, and other competition partners attended the meeting. Yingfeng Group, CICC Capital, China Venture Capital, Hony Capital, Qingwei Fund, Zhenneng Capital, Green Capital, Everbright Environment, Reishi Capital, Goldwind Technology and other fund companies, representatives of listed companies attended the event and reviewed the 18 projects shortlisted for the final round of the competition.


The first "Green Innovation Cup" competition collected more than 100 projects from 17 provinces across China and overseas, such as Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore.

In the speech, Director Song Yuyan of the GPIPC pointed out that the "Green Innovation Cup" is a favourable way to support the industrialisation and marketisation of green technologies and is also a necessary initiative to implement the national policy documents related to the promotion of green industry development and green technology innovation. Through the "Green Innovation Cup", we hope to bring more excellent environmental protection industries and green technologies to the industrial park so as to enhance the ecological "green content" and "gold content" of the national economic development zone. ". More than half of the finalists came from national-level economic and technological development zones such as Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangning, Zhenjiang and Hangzhou, leading in green development and showcasing the comprehensive strength of science and technology innovation in national-level economic and technological development zones. In addition, the "Green Innovation Cup" is an important engine to drive the capital market. The competition's organising committee has helped eight enterprises carry out one-to-one financing matchmaking. Some projects have already won the favour of the judges and the intention to cooperate with them. We hope that this competition can help more green enterprises to accelerate their incubation and rapid growth.


At the conference, Director Chai Qimin of the Strategic Planning Department of the National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Centre delivered a keynote speech on "China's carbon peak target, carbon-neutral vision and the outlook of climate investment and financing policies in the 14th Five-Year Plan” and gave an outlook on carbon trading and climate finance business. Mr Chai pointed out that the State will further increase its investment and financing support under the double carbon target. It also needs to continuously improve the corporate climate change impact assessment and information disclosure system and promote the greening of institutional assets and liabilities and medium retail business. Timothy Lam, the Managing Partner of Greenfield Fund, delivered a keynote

speech on "Practicing Carbon Neutrality: The Capital Road for Green Enterprises", which also gave insightful guidance on how green technology innovators should plan their corporate development path.


Finally, after the project roadshow and the evaluation of the projects by the expert judges, the projects of Beijing Star Glory Technology Co. Ltd. won the first prize in this year's competition. In contrast, the projects of Loxiang Forever Technology (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd., Zhongdian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Qingjiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. won the third prize. The remaining six projects won the Green Innovation Star Award.


A carbon-neutral ceremony was also held at the event. The secretariat of the GPIPC carbon neutralised 4,000kg of carbon dioxide generated by the conference.


It is reported that the second "Green Innovation Cup" green technology innovation competition will be launched in June this year, in order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the State "to do a good job of carbon peak, carbon-neutral work", to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan "The second edition of the competition will be held in June this year, with the theme of "New Energy, Zero Carbon Technology", focusing on new energy, hydrogen energy industry chain, energy storage and other directions. With the support of embassies, business associations and overseas technology innovation institutions in China, such as Germany, France, Sweden, Japan and Singapore, the second edition of the competition will open a call for projects both at home and abroad.


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