Brief Introduction

Changchun Automotive Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as CAETDZ), established in September 2005 and approved by the State Council as a national economic and technological development zone in December 2010, is the only national development zone named after the automobile industry. Since its establishment, CAETDZ has won more than ten national honors, such as the National Ecological Industrial Demonstration Park, the National Demonstration Base for Foreign Trade Upgrading and Transformation, the Third Batch of National Demonstration Base for Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the National Demonstration Base for Emerging Industrialization Industry. The core industry of CAETDZ is the automobile industry. Automobiles and related industries account for more than 95% of its total output value. In 2021, the total output value of the automobile industry in CAETDZ reached CNY 483.58 billion, accounting for 76% of the total output value of the automobile industry in the province. It has become an important production and development base for automobile vehicles and parts in the country and even the world.


Green Measures

Focusing on leading industries, CAETDZ actively cultivates industrial clusters for new energy. It actively develops a high-end industrial chain of new energy vehicles, and cultivates industrial clusters for new energy vehicles. By giving full play to the leading role of Hongqi, Audi, Jiefang and other leading enterprises, it has cultivated a number of industrial clusters for new energy vehicles featuring upstream and downstream collaborative innovation, integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and international influence and competitiveness. For example, with the Hongqi brand as the core, it promotes the development of new energy vehicles of independent brands, fully promotes the construction of Hongqi new energy vehicle base and Audi new energy vehicle base, and supports the renovation and expansion of Hongqi and Bestune production lines. It also accelerates the pace of introducing FAW-Volkswagen new energy models, promotes the expansion of production scale of new energy passenger vehicles of joint venture brands, and promotes the development of major projects such as Toyota PHEV plug-in hybrid models and Hongqi E115 pure electric models. Relying on FAW Jiefang, it vigorously promotes the R&D and production of new models of pure electric and fuel-cell commercial vehicles, and explores the introduction and development of pure electric and hydrogen-fueled trucks and logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, patrol vehicles and other special vehicles. By 2025, the output value of the new energy vehicle industry is expected to reach CNY 200 billion, with a growth rate of 75%, and a maximum production capacity of 1.1 million units, including 1 million passenger vehicles and 100,000 commercial vehicles.

It actively carries out the construction of green brand and clean energy projects in the park. CAETDZ was rated as a national ecological industrial demonstration park in 2016 and a national green park in 2017. The first phase of the biomass clean heating project in the south wing of CAETDZ, with a planned heating area of 847,000 square meters, two 29MW hot water boilers with biomass molding fuel, and a total heating capacity of 58MW (straw compression block as the designed fuel), can meet the needs of enterprises settling the zone for closed heating by the end of 2022. The total construction area of the project is 6,232 square meters, and the length of the auxiliary heating external pipelines is about 17,204 meters. To serve the needs of foreign enterprises for green energy and green production, the project began to supply heat to Audi PPE on November 13, 2022 at the time of trial operation, with a net coverage area of 500,000 square meters. After the project is put into operation, it can reduce 47,700 tons of carbon per year.

It aims to build the most attractive production base in China with professional services. In 2022, Audi chose to build its first pure electric vehicle production base in China in CAETDZ, and started construction in June. As a new model of Sino-German cooperation and a new benchmark for international industrial cooperation, the Audi FAW new energy project adopts advanced design concepts and leads the industrial development model with high standards. The project introduces Audis Zero Emission Program and uses 100% green energy. The fastest acquisition of land, the most timely review and approval, and the most efficient connection.... Speaking of the dedication and efficiency of Changchun Automotive Economic and Technological Development Zone, Helmut Stettner, CEO of Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. highly appreciated: Developing a plant from scratch is challenging and exciting, and Changchun is becoming one of the most attractive production bases in China.

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