Brief Introduction

Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “SETDZ”) was established in June 1988, and approved by the State Council as a national economic and technological development zone in April 1993. In June 2002, the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government decided to merge the offices of Tiexi District and SETDZ, which covers an area of 488 square kilometers, has a permanent population of 1.7 million, and governs 17 sub-districts (towns) under their jurisdiction. It focuses on developing the industries such as advanced equipment manufacturing, automobiles and parts, biomedicine, industrial and cultural tourism, and strategic emerging industries. Currently, SETDZ is home to 84 enterprises directly invested by the world’s Top-500 companies such as BMW, ZF Friedrichshafen and Bridgestone; 600 foreign-funded enterprises such as Benteler, Mubea and Yaskawa; more than 3,000 industrial enterprises such as Shenyang Machine Tool, North Heavy Industry, Shenyang Blower Works, TBEA, Sany Heavy Equipment, China Grand Enterprises and 3SBIO; and 372 industrial enterprises above designated size.


Green Measures

SETDZ is a “national ecological industrial demonstration park”. It has a total of 80 green manufacturing entities at or above the provincial level and 18 national demonstration entities of green manufacturing system, including 13 national green plants, 3 national green supply chains, 1 national green product, and 1 national green park. It also has 45 provincial demonstration entities of green manufacturing systems, ranking among the top ones in the province. In 2022, it achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and consumption reduction, with the total emission of major pollutants decreasing constantly, the quality of regional air, water and soil environment constantly improving, the green power trading achieving effective results, and the green infrastructure further improving.

First, strictly control the project approval. Constantly improve the Measures for Management of Industrial Project Approval in SETDZ and Sino-Germany Park and the Guidance Directory for Industrial Structure Adjustment in China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang, constantly improve the pollution and energy consumption control indicators for the settled enterprises from the perspective of energy conservation, carbon reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency improvement, and strictly control the projects entering the Sino-German Park.

Second, strictly control the overall energy consumption. Strictly prevent the projects with high energy consumption, high pollution and excess production capacity from entering the park, strictly implement the land, planning, environmental assessment and energy assessment systems for fixed-asset investment projects, and strictly implement the energy conservation review system for fixed-asset investment projects in accordance with laws. Strengthen the supervision over key energy consumption entities, comprehensively promote the key energy consumption supervision entities in SETDZ to develop an online energy consumption monitoring system and realize the data connection with the higher-level energy consumption management platform, and promote the further improvement of the precision of energy management.

Third, strengthen the assessment of energy conservation in enterprises. According to the design scheme or feasibility study report of projects, assess the specific energy consumption of projects. From the aspects such as project industry, energy consumption and energy structure, calculate the project energy consumption level and production energy consumption efficiency, and assess the rationality of the project energy consumption, the feasibility of energy-conservation measures and the advancement of processes and technologies. Since China launched the green power trading pilot in September 2021, SETDZ has encouraged the enterprises in the automobile industry chain and supply chain with BMW Brilliance as the leader to carry out green power trading, which achieved positive results. In 2021, BMW Brilliance participated in the national green power trading pilot, and reached green electricity transactions totaling 2.78 billion kWh, ranking first in the country.

Fourth, promote green and low-carbon production and life styles. Systematically optimize the planning of service facilities for education and scientific research, medical and health care, culture, sports, elderly care and business within 15 minutes’ walk, and create good ecological environment and space.

Fifth, align with the standard requirements such as the Regulatory Detailed Planning of Qingdao Sino-Germany Ecopark and the Regulatory Detailed Planning of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, and technical indicators such as German Sustainable Building Certificate, highlight international, intelligent and green characteristics, and form 60 development indicators in 5 categories, including 8 core indicators and 7 characteristic indicators among green development indicators.

Sixth, strengthen the green development of the park to provide platform-based support. Highlight characteristic development, introduce BMW Brilliance with high output value, less pollution and strong synergy into the park, closely focus on the needs of BMW Brilliance’s new plant, optimize the industrial layout and improve supporting functions, adjust the structure and promote upgrading, constantly strengthen and improve the leading industries, guide the vigorous development of the automobile and parts industry, propel the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries, integrate the park resources, and improve the efficiency of park development.


Seventh, strengthen the development of energy management platform for energy-using entities in the park. Five enterprises including Benteler Automotive Systems (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. and Gestamp Automotive Components (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. have developed energy control platforms for dynamic management of power data collection, measurement management, data statistics and analysis, historical event query and report management functions.

Eighth, strengthen the implementation of environmental management responsibilities. Establish a grid-based environmental monitoring system with “comprehensive coverage, hierarchical performance, source-based grid management, and personal responsibility”, form a management system with “clear standards, clear responsibilities, fair assessment, and clear rewards and punishments”, strengthen environmental management in environmental transformation, ecological restoration promotion, resource and energy conservation, resource reuse and environmental information disclosure, and consolidate the achievements of the ecological park.

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