Brief Introduction

Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “QETDZ”) is one of the first 14 national development zones in China. After nearly four decades of development and construction, QETDZ has become home to a number of national parks such as China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area, Qingdao Qianwan Free Trade Port Zone, Qingdao West Coast Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark, accounting for 4% of Qingdao’s land area, contributing nearly 1/4 of the city’s large-scale industrial output value, 1/5 of the gross regional product, and 1/6 of local fiscal revenue and foreign investment, and gradually becoming one of the modern urban areas with the highest degree of open economic development in Qingdao and even Shandong Province. It has been approved successively as the demonstration pilot for circular transformation of national parks, national intelligent industrial parks, and national ecological industrial demonstration park.


 Green Measures

In recent years, QETDZ has been adhering to the green and ecological high-quality development path, the synchronous development of traditional industries and emerging industries, the synchronous transformation of old and new driving forces and high-carbon and low-carbon development, and the synchronous upgrading of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. It has developed a number of green products, green plants and green parks, striving to become a demonstration pilot for green and low-carbon high-quality development.

Adhere to green development, and further optimize the industrial structure.

QETDZ has become home to clusters of hundred-billion-level industries such as home appliances, electronics, petrochemicals, automobiles, shipbuilding and marine engineering, with a total output value accounting for half of the city. In 2022, the Special Report on the Implementation of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality was prepared and implemented to promote the modern and low-carbon upgrading of traditional and high-carbon industrial structures, actively introduce core and key supporting projects, and improve and extend the ecological industrial chain of the park. New economic industries represented by new display, artificial intelligence and digital economy are rising at an accelerating pace. New display, CEC OVU and other new-generation industrial parks have gathered more than 600 high-tech enterprises such as BOE, Foxconn, iFLYTEK, YISA and Morningcore, among which 3 enterprises are listed in the first batch of national single-champion reserve manufacturing enterprises in Qingdao, 4 enterprises are listed in the gazelle enterprises of the province, and 5 enterprises are listed in the Top-100 enterprises of the province.


Adhere to circular development, and increase the efficiency of resource utilization.

QETDZ takes the demonstration pilot of national circular transformation as an opportunity, follows the principles of reduction, reuse, resource utilization and harmless treatment, breaks through the key connecting technologies for circular economy, reasonably extends the industrial chain and realizes circular connection, develops a number of industrial chains for circular economy such as home appliances, electronics, equipment manufacturing and petrochemicals, and promotes the circular development at three levels, i.e., within enterprises, between industries, and across the development zone. In the Sino-German Ecopark, an ecological indicator system oriented by ecological protection and a diversified clean energy supply system, has been established, and passive ultra-low energy-consumption and prefabricated buildings have been constructed. The park has a total passive building construction amount of 400,000 square meters, an expected annual carbon reduction by 46,000 tons during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and a remarkable result in the construction of a zero-carbon demonstration area, exploring a highly distinctive energy-saving and low-carbon building development road.

Adhere to low-carbon development, and further improve the quality of ecological environment. QETDZ adheres to the whole-process pollution prevention and control mode featuring “source prevention, process control, comprehensive utilization, environmental protection management and ecological restoration”, promotes the innovative application of environmental protection technologies and the upgrading and transformation of environmental protection facilities, and reduces environmental pollution accidents; operates reclaimed water reuse projects in Nibuwan and Lianwan River and ecological wetland restoration projects in Tangdao Bay to increase the environmental capacity and improve the environmental quality in the park. It constantly fights for blue sky, clear water and clean land. In 2022, the PM2.5 and PM10 achiever rates of the parks reached 86.5%, fully meeting the national Level-2 air quality standards; the average water quality of the sections above municipal control all reached the standards, and the black and smelly water bodies were completely eliminated; the safe utilization rate of key construction lands maintained at 100%. A road of green development has been taken in which the economy, society and ecological environment are coordinated.

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