Brief Introduction

Chizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as “Chizhou ETDZ”) is located in the northeast of the main urban area of Chizhou City, with a planned control area of 30.18 square kilometers (managed area included), a jurisdiction including Pingtianhu Community and Liupo Community, and a total population of more than 30,000 people. It is the national low-carbon industrial pilot park, one of the national Top 100 scientific development demonstration zones, the cluster development base of semiconductor industry in Anhui Province, the excellent base of electronic information industry in Anhui Province, the new industrialization industry base in Anhui Province and the entrepreneurship base of small and micro enterprises in Anhui Province. Semiconductor, high-end equipment manufacturing and modern service industry are the dominating industries in the Zone. Now, it has 542 “four-above” enterprises, achieving the revenue of CNY 103.2 billion in 2021, an increase of 35%; it has established 2 national science and technology business incubators, 1 national small- and micro-enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship base, and 36 provincial research and development institutions. It has completed 2 provincial academician workstations and 6 provincial postdoctoral research workstations; it has successfully established a national strategic emerging industry cluster and a national international cooperation industrial park.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, Chizhou ETDZ has firmly established new development concepts, attached great importance to high-quality energy development, coped with climate change, implemented the battle of pollution prevention and control, focused on adjusting and optimizing the energy and industrial structure, and paid close attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, achieving constant improvement of the ecological environment.


Green Measures

Support low-carbon industries and invest special funds

Chizhou ETDZ has established the CNY 100 million leading industry fund and venture capital fund to support the construction and implementation of low-carbon industries and key low-carbon engineering projects. It provides policy support such as equity investment, customized factory buildings, project construction, and interest subsidies for green projects to settle in. The park annually allocates special funds for low-carbon development of no less than CNY 5 million, which is used for 11 low-carbon areas including energy conservation and emission reduction, technological transformation, and promotion and application of new energy-saving technologies (products). The highest subsidy for a single project can reach up to CNY 500,000.

Increase carbon productivity and innovate low-carbon technologies

Chizhou ETDZ adheres to the core principle of enhancing carbon productivity and innovating low-carbon technologies and applications. It fully leverages the agglomeration function of the park, integrating the concept and methods of low-carbon development into various aspects of spatial layout, industrial planning, and infrastructure construction in the park. It integrates and improves the industrial chain, adjusts industrial and product structures, improves energy and resource utilization efficiency in the park, and reduces carbon emissions per unit of industrial value added. By focusing on the research, incubation, and promotion of low-carbon technologies in the park, it promotes the research and reserve of strategic low-carbon core technologies by enterprises, forms a low-carbon technology innovation research and development system with independent intellectual property rights, and promotes the application and industrialization development system, enhancing industrial competitiveness.

Eliminating outdated production capacity and constructing the green industry system

Chizhou ETDZ is making efforts to eliminate outdated production capacity, implement low-carbon transformation, and build the high-quality development green industry system. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chizhou ETDZ has grasped the trends in industrial development and the requirements for green transformation. It has not only actively guided the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries but also made the cultivation and expansion of environmentally friendly semiconductor, new materials, and high-end equipment manufacturing as key areas of development. By establishing specialized task forces and actively implementing comprehensive "zero-threshold" support policies for funding and talent, it has attracted and nurtured a large number of high-tech enterprises that are "low-pollution, low-energy consumption, and high-efficiency." Over the past decade, the provincial-level semiconductor industry aggregation and development base located in Chizhou ETDZ has grown from just one or two enterprises to nearly one hundred upstream and downstream companies. The park includes Anxin Technology, which produces 1.8 million GPP chips and 6-inch wafers annually, Juxin Semiconductor, which produces 3.6 million chips and 4-6 inch wafers annually, and a high-end packaging and testing industrial park that seals and tests 4 billion integrated circuits annually, as well as a copper foil production facility that produces 40,000 tons of high-precision electronic copper foil annually. The semiconductor industry has demonstrated a trend of concentrated and multiplied development, successfully entering the second batch of strategic emerging industry cluster bases in Anhui Province—the semiconductor industry base.

Promoting clean production and the development of the circular economy

In promoting clean production, Chizhou ETDZ has eliminated 8 lead smelting furnaces and 1 zinc smelting muffler furnace at Tongguan Nonferrous, completed the construction of dust collection fans and frequency conversion transformation of water pumps, saving 25,000 tons of standard coal annually; implemented the Tongguan Nonferrous 1,500 tons/year lead anode mud and waste water deep treatment project, producing 10 tons of gypsum board annually and treating 800,000 tons of sewage, saving over 540,000 tons of fresh water annually; completed the Tongguan Nonferrous "Waste Heat Power Generation" project, generating 24 million kWh annually and saving over 30,000 tons of standard coal. In terms of developing the circular economy, Chizhou ETDZ has completed the Tongguan Copper Foil "Waste Water Treatment and Reuse" project, achieving "zero discharge" of wastewater within the system; the Ningbo Jinmeiya Pipe Pile "Annual Comprehensive Utilization of 20,000 Tons of Biomass Fuel Technology Reform Project" can replace 2 sets of 8-ton coal-fired boilers, saving 7,200 tons of standard coal annually, with significant emission reduction benefits.

Over the past decade, Chizhou ETDZ has seized opportunities and implemented a number of major projects and key projects, achieving significant results in green and low-carbon development.

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