What is uV-Vis spectrum analyzer?

By using UV-vis spectroscopy, the analyzer provides stable, accurate composition analysis of gas and water.

Country of Origin:

The French

Technical Name:

Water quality analyzer, gas analyzer

Technical Description:

Independently develop, produce and sell water quality and gas analyzers.These analyzers can continuously measure pollutant concentrations.

1) Water quality analyzer

Ammonia nitrogen;Benzene;Benzene class;Chlorophyll A;Chromate;COD;Chroma;Electrical conductivity;Hexavalent chromium;Dissolved oxygen (do).Hydrocarbon;Hydrogen sulfide;Nitrate;NO3.Oil;PH;Phenol;Phosphate;Rhodamine.Turbidity;

2) Gas analyzer


Technical advantages:

1) Water quality monitoring equipment


With uv-vis spectroscopy, the main pollutants in water (such as COD, nitrate, chroma, hydrocarbons, ammonia nitrogen and sulfides) can be measured using the same instrument.This method has high reliability and stability, as well as very low operating cost.

The instrument can also measure contaminants in complex water bodies with spectral scans ranging from 180nm to 800 nm.

To complete the product diversity, Tessis Instruments also offers turbidity probes based on LED light source scattering, as well as other conventional physical and chemical parameter probes (conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen).

2) Gas monitoring equipment


The instrument is an online gas analyzer that can measure a variety of gases simultaneously,

This is mainly due to the use of different mathematical algorithms and multi-wavelength analysis of the UV spectrum.For gases with periodic spectra, such as NH3, SO2, CS2, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, the fast Fourier transform (FFT) has excellent selectivity.There are no moving parts in the design, so the UV measurement system is very stable and low maintenance.

The gas path part of the analyzer can be equipped with a heating system.Heat to 190with adjustable temperature.If the dew point temperature of the sample is higher than the ambient temperature, a heating system must be configured.Moreover, hydrocarbon deposits on the optical lens can be vaporized at high temperatures.

Industry and Field of technology application:

Petrochemical industry, water treatment industry, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry involved in air, and water quality monitoring units.

Successful application cases:


Heilongjiang Zhaodong Yili Dairy

Heilongjiang Red Star shares dairy

Heilongjiang Coal Mining Group Hegang Branch Coal Preparation plant

Suibin Sheng Yun thermal power

Golmud Oil Refinery in Qinghai Province

Meishan paper

Inner Mongolia Taixi Coal Group

Lanta Industrial Holdings

Shenghua Wuhai coal coking

Inner Mongolia Taixing Taifeng dye

Alxa Northwest Dye Co. LTD

Inner Mongolia Ruigang Lian Industrial Co., LTD

Beijing Bishui Sewage Treatment Plant

Beijing Jinqiao Sewage Treatment Plant


Teda Low Carbon Center

Source: Commercial Investment Section of the French Embassy in China


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