Intelligent frequency conversion technology is at the heart of innovative advances in building performance.The technology from Canada, is suitable for building hvac water system whole series of products, high efficiency cooling room control system, water supply pump system, and the fire pump system, and other fields, is one of the world than a more environmental protection, flexible, and more cost-effective fluid systems, and hvac system solutions, under the condition of the same equipment configuration can achieve lower installation and operating costs.


1. Technical description


Intelligent frequency conversion technology is an intelligent control solution based on demand. It creates a model according to the equipment and system working conditions, and monitors the actual operating status of the system according to the model, and dynamically adjusts the equipment operation to meet the requirements of the system.Intelligent frequency conversion technology is at the heart of innovative advances in building performance.It is also the world's most environmentally friendly, flexible and cost-effective solution for fluid and hVAC systems, enabling lower installation and operating costs with the same equipment.


Technical application field


It is suitable for the whole series of products of building hVAC water system, ultra-high energy efficiency refrigeration room control system, water supply booster pump system and fire pump system.


2. Technical features


Compared to pump systems in standard industries, the intelligent frequency conversion solution can save up to 70% of energy;


Smart Frequency conversion technology now adds Wi-Fi wireless and wired connectivity to support remote control and monitoring;


Life cycle efficiency optimization, to achieve the lowest operating cost;


Performance expansion, one-touch debugging, sensorless speed control, accurate flow monitoring and operating condition notification services;


Advanced controllers offer a wide range of intelligence and control options;


The best pump long-term operation efficiency;


3. Product appearance





4312 Intelligent frequency conversion double head pump


Configuration: sensorless or parallel sensorless intelligent frequency conversion control;Use built-in single spring mechanical seal;Equipped with high efficiency motor


Performance range: Up to 1250 USgpm (80 L/s), 250 ft (75 m)


Temperature: 250oF (121oC)


Power range: 1 HP to 40 HP (0.75 kW to 30 kW)


Size: 2" to 6" (50 mm to 150 mm)




6800 intelligent full frequency converter supercharging system


Material: 304 stainless steel pipe


Performance range: up to 2000 USgpm (450 m3/hr;Pressure as high as 370 psi (22 bar)


Power range: up to 250 HP (up to 185 kW)

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