This technology comes from China. It can adjust the power supply parameters of the equipment through analysis and calculation, so that the working state of the electric equipment is close to the best working point, improve the working efficiency and improve the quality of electric energy. It is suitable for large economic entities with energy consumption as the main.


1. Technical description

The electromagnetic power quality optimization device is connected in series between the power supply and the electrical equipment. The data acquisition module (DCM) in the device samples the output voltage parameters of the equipment, and the sampled data is fed into the central computing module (CPM). According to the central computing module (CPM), the power supply voltage, equipment working current, system power factor and other conditions of the power supply, load and load rate of the optimization program calculation, obtain the best working point of the electrical equipment under this state.The central computing unit (CPM) adjusts the power supply parameters of the equipment through the undisturbed switching module (NTCM), so that the working state of the electrical equipment is close to the optimal working point, improving the working efficiency and improving the quality of electric energy.


Technical application field

       The technology is suitable for typical three-phase asynchronous motor load in petroleum, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, coal and other industries. It serves the distribution end and power supply user side of micro-grid of "culture, education, health" and other public institutions, and applies to large economic entities with energy consumption.


2. Technical features


The power quality of microgrid is optimized and processed comprehensively by means of electromagnetic balance regulation


Undisturbed switching technology


Best point tracking technology


Low voltage high current load switching technology


Correct voltage deviation ±0.5%


Balance system three-phase unbalance degree 2%


Suppression of voltage fluctuation


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