The technology comes from Japan and is mainly used in aquaculture, sewage treatment and other fields. It has the advantages of safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

I. Technical description

NANO air bubble diameter less than 100 nm, due to the volume of air bubble has reached molecular level, and thus have the conventional macroscopic bubble is not the physical and chemical properties, tens of thousands of times more than the surface area, can rapidly improve the degree of dissolved oxygen in water, small volume, therefore suffered buoyancy negligible, slow rise, can stay in water for a long time, Surface with negative charge can absorb organic matter in water and other characteristics.

Properties of nano-bubbles


1. Specific surface area increases

Under the condition of the same volume of air, the more bubbles, the larger the surface area of bubbles, the greater the total area of bubbles in contact with water, and various biochemical reactions also increase exponentially. 

2. Slow rise

The rising speed of bubbles in water is proportional to the square of bubble diameter. Compared with macrobubbles, nano-bubbles can stay in water for a long time because their volume has reached molecular level and the influence of buoyancy is almost negligible.For example, when a bubble with a diameter of 1mm rises at a speed of 6m/min in water, and a bubble with a diameter of 10μm rises at a speed of 3mm/min in water, the latter is 1/2000 of the former.Taking into account the increase of specific surface area, the dissolution capacity of micro-nano bubbles is 200,000 times higher than that of ordinary air. 

3. Automatically pressurized dissolution

The dissolution of nano-bubbles in water is a process of gradual shrinkage of bubbles. The rise of pressure will increase the dissolution rate of gas. With the increase of surface area, the shrinkage rate of bubbles will become faster and faster, and finally dissolve into water.

Nanobubbles have the characteristics of slow rise and self-pressurized dissolution, which can greatly improve the solubility of gases (air, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, etc.) in water.

4. The surface is charged

The gas-liquid interface formed by nano-bubbles in water is more attractive to anions than cations, so the surface of the bubbles often has a negative charge, which makes the nano-bubbles can adsorb organic matter in the water, but also can play a bacteriostatic effect.

Technical application field

The technology is mainly used in aquaculture, sewage treatment and other fields.

Two, technical characteristics

Rapid improvement of oxygen solubility in water;

Promote the growth of aerobic bacteria;

Rapid improvement of transparency;

Reduce COD content;

Reduce ammonia nitrogen phosphorus content;

Reduce green algal reproduction.

3. Product appearance



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