The energy saving and regulation of boiler combustion is directly related to the improvement of people's living environment, and the energy saving and environmental protection directly affect the living standards of residents. By changing the use of high efficiency and energy saving burner, improving the combustion method and strengthening the maintenance of heating system, energy saving and environmental protection can be finally achieved.

1. Country:

The United States

2. Technical Name:

Industrial burner

3. Technical Description and Technical advantages:

It is the goal of many gas companies to improve furnace combustion efficiency and reduce nitrogen oxide emission to the greatest extent.Selas is an American company with 110 years of history and has been a pioneer and leader among thermal technology manufacturers.The tradition began with gas street lamps in Germany in the 19th century.The burner is widely used by top 500 companies in the United States and Europe as well as by domestic companies. It is ideal for heating, drying and boiler applications in petrochemical industries.


Selas is a leading American burner manufacturer with five different brands. Selas produces high quality, safe and efficient burners for a wide range of oil and gas boilers, as well as industrial steel rolling, heat treatment, annealing furnaces, and powder spraying and drying applications.Customers who use Selas burners report that they are reliable, efficient, and capable of achieving California standards for ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, saving energy and reducing emissions.Selas has a first-class burner, which can meet the needs of heating and gas supply gas and oil boiler renovation projects. It is also suitable for heat treatment, annealing furnace and other production equipment, to achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.


In addition, Selas owns Maxsys Fuel Systems (UK), which specialises in the development of energy efficient devices for Fuel processing such as oil and gas boilers, which can reduce energy consumption by 5%-9.5% per year through more efficient combustion technology.For example, famous Dow Chemical, Ford Motor and International Paper have been installed and used.The energy saving effect is remarkable and the price is moderate.The payback period is usually about two years.Moreover, it can help customers reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions.The annual oil and gas savings are only 5%-9.5%.



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