Technical name


Air compressor energy-saving technology - Air compressor energy-saving King (for large industrial enterprises)


Cooling water energy-saving technology -- Intelligent control system of circulating cooling water (for large industrial enterprises)


Aeration Energy Saving Technology -- Functional Airflow Systems and Blowers (for sewage treatment plants)


Energy-saving Technology of Central Air Conditioning -- Intelligent Control System of Central Air Conditioning (for large public buildings)


Energy saving technology of elevator -- Electric energy feedback device (for high level straight ladder)


Technical description


1. Energy saving technology of air compressor system


The company is a commissioned unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology air compressor energy saving special research fund, through starting from 2010 to 2012 to carry out the project, the product has been applied, to obtain a complete set of advanced air compressor control theory and method.It was rated as the key promotion technology of energy-saving and low-carbon in 2017 by Beijing.


(1) Technical characteristics of energy-saving king of screw air compressor:


Do not change any of the original operating parameters of air compressor (loading pressure, unloading pressure, loading mode, unloading mode, etc.)


Do not add any operation (the king of power saving air compressor is passive operation, automatically start or stop by the loading and unloading signal of the air compressor, and do not need any operation after the completion of installation and debugging)


Reduce energy consumption of air compressor (power saving rate can exceed 30%)


Reduce the oil temperature of air compressor (oil temperature can be reduced by 15~20 degrees)


Reduce the maintenance cost of air compressor (oil change expense, wear expense, wear of contactor, motor, etc.)


(2) Technical characteristics of energy-saving king of centrifugal air compressor:


Fill a gap, realize the free speed control of ordinary centrifugal air compressor (before it was constant speed operation)


Avoid surge (patented technology)


Reduce the exhaust temperature of air compressor


Improve the exhaust capacity of air compressor


(3) Environmental protection/energy saving benefits generated by the technology


Screw air compressor:


1. Eliminate unloading loss;


2, reduce the heat generation during compression.


Centrifugal air compressor:


1, eliminate valve loss;


2, reduce the heat generation during compression;


3, increase the displacement.


(4) The effect achieved


Lower startup current (70%), lower operating current (30%), and reduce demand and impact on grid capacity


By changing the operating curve, the gas production can be increased and the capacity can be expanded


Power saving efficiency of 15%~30%, considerable economic benefits


Improve the operation efficiency of air compressor body and improve the safety and stability of the system


Reduce the exhaust temperature of air compressor, increase the operating life of air compressor


2. Energy saving technology of circulating water system


(1) Environmental protection/energy saving benefits generated by this technology


A. Strong security, the system has the function of repeated startup with load and anti-transient power failure;Consider all possible scenarios, failure sources, worst-case scenarios, and design contingency plans.


B. convenient implementation, no need to stop production, small changes to the original circuit;


C. Energy saving of water pump and fan can be realized at the same time.


This system is a "traditional Chinese medicine", regulating the existing system to coordinate the operation of each link, water pump and fan running at the best working point, with different time and climate adjustment, avoid excessive operation, making the system energy saving at any time.At the same time, it can reduce cooling tower drift water and pump cavitation.


3, central air conditioning system energy saving technology


(1) Technical characteristics


Independent research and development of a new generation of high-quality, cost-effective intelligent control system.


The control system is mainly based on the balance of energy supply and demand of central air conditioning, real-time control, to achieve maximum efficiency operation.


The energy saving system seeks for the overall coordinated control of the main engine, circulating pump, cooling tower and terminal system, and scientifically realizes the overall maximum COP control, real-time intelligent regulation and efficient operation of the central air-conditioning system under variable load.


(2) Environmental protection/energy saving benefits generated by this technology


A, this system is A complete set of hardware, software, integrated system, to form A complete set of central air conditioning, comprehensive regulation, water circulation wind circulation system, using artificial intelligence technology, changes in working condition, can automatically adapt to, make the outside of the compressor condition is always in the best state, and maintain optimal COP conditions of central air conditioning system for A long time.


B. The system is divided into two control subsystems: "circulating water and cooling tower" and "indoor fan".


C, advantages: can achieve year-round construction, does not affect refrigeration.


D. This technology makes full use of the cold volume of the natural environment and carries out non-contact heat exchange to obtain the natural cold volume and serve the system. In regions with distinct seasons, it is expected to reduce the running time of the compressor by 30% to 40% every year.


E. At least 3 different forms of natural refrigeration systems can be provided for different working conditions.


F. The "intelligent cold storage" technology of Time Science and Technology is to use artificial intelligence technology to make the best decision and accumulate the appropriate cold quantity by considering meteorological conditions and cold quantity conditions.


G. With this technology, energy costs can be reduced by 20% to 60%.


(3) Technical advantages


Air compressor system energy saving technology, circulating water system energy saving technology and central air conditioning system energy saving technology are combined with software and hardware control, its technical advantages are as follows:


Fully intelligent control, ensure the safe and stable supply of pressure flow, improve the reliability of the system, save human resources;


Convenient implementation (support online construction), short construction period (30~90 days), quick effect;


Simple maintenance, one input, perennial stable operation;


The product has high reliability, anti-surge function, power failure resistance, impact resistance, the average trouble-free operation time of more than 40,000 hours, life of 20 years;


Proprietary technology, strong ability to control/solve problems;


Increase capacity, reduce energy consumption, power saving effect is significant, the investment return period is short, the investment return rate can reach 2000%.


(4) Technology application industry and field

Service industries involve chemical, refining, pharmaceutical, food, automobile, mining, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, cement, glass, rubber, tires, plastics, textile chemical fiber, home appliances, food, paper making, tobacco, hospitals, schools, office buildings and so on.


(5) Successful application cases

Industrial Enterprises (1) :

China Agricultural Development Group, Tongkun Group, Tiangang Union, Yongxing Special Steel, power plant (certain), coal mine (certain), shipyard (certain), Anbang Polymerization, Linrun Chemical industry, Shengji Chemical Industry, Guangyuan Asphalt

Industrial Enterprises (2) :

China Yingli Group, Shiyao Group, Mengniu Dairy, Xiangpiaopiao Food, Bohai Oil Equipment, Procter & Gamble, Hisense air conditioning, Tianeng battery, Super power battery, mountain carpet, zhongxin machinery......

Construction and Property (1) :

Tianjin Airport, Tianjin Railway Station, Ocean Property, Beichen Property, Tianfang Property, Crowne Plaza hotel, Westin Hotel, Intime, Jinyu Property, SDIC Building, New Era Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Civil Engineering and Architecture University

Construction and Property (2) :

307 hospitalZhangjiakou hospitalsHebei Second HospitalHuzhou city, Ningbo administrative center, banks, schools, hospitals, etcChongqing economic affordable housingHimalaya Hotel ShanghaiChengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition CenterHangzhou, Jiaxing, Wenzhou part of the user


(6) Purpose

Look for technology application market in China.



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