In order to implement the promotion and implementation of the latest industrial energy conservation management measures, this Clean Technology Week recommends a central energy conservation protection technology.

Technical name

Energy saving technology for equipment installed at the user power inlet

Telecom class management energy saving platform technology

Technical description

Energy-saving technology of equipment installed at the inlet end of user electric energy

Electromagnetic compensation technology to achieve instantaneous dynamic balance between current and voltage

By magnetizing main winding, voltage stabilizing winding and compensation winding, and using high-purity special materials, the mutual inductance between magnetic flux and electric vector is skillfully brought into play, and the mutual compensating magnetic flux of iron core is used to promote the balance of three-phase current and voltage.


Electromagnetic phase shifting technology, power factor enhancement

Through the principle of high energy magnetic transfer, the application of electromagnetic phase shift technology, so that the three-phase electric vector and flux affect each other, the phase is opposite to each other and offset the magnetic potential deviation, realize the phase difference of voltage and potential synchronous adjustment, so as to improve the power factor.


Electromagnetic energy storage technology, to achieve instantaneous dynamic potential secondary utilization

The central energy-saving protection device (machine) converts the absorbed energy consumption into magnetic energy at the same time of instant energy storage, and then compensates the current to the load end synchronously by the current winding, so as to realize the secondary utilization of current.

Bidirectional blocking of electric energy pollution and Constructing bidirectional "firewall" of electric energy

About 10%-20% of the power pollution comes from the outside of the user's power distribution system, including radar wave, radio wave, lightning, lightning strike, harmonic interference, voltage fluctuation, voltage flicker and so on generated by the opening and closing of electric equipment in adjacent units.

About 80 to 90 percent of electricity pollution comes from within the user's distribution system.These power pollution includes three-phase unbalance, phase unbalance, insufficient power factor, equipment open and close interference, overload interference, aging lines and switches, old equipment and so on.

Suppress, filter and absorb transient, surge and harmonic currents

The central energy-saving protection device (machine), through the interaction between the special current compensation winding and the main magnetization terminal, makes the electric energy of the magnetization main loop can not change, and achieves the control function of suppressing, filtering and absorbing transient current, surge and harmonics.

Transient, surge and harmonic three types of power pollution, although not as widely recognized as waste water, waste gas, waste residue, although invisible, but experienced, such as causing equipment heating, machine noise, equipment vibration, under high pressure for a long time will be headache, insomnia and so on.

2. Telecom class management energy saving platform technology

Easily realize the real-time "four" quantification of management energy saving

Management and energy saving is the biggest difficulty for the verification of energy saving effect, peaceful telecom management energy saving platform, by installing central energy-saving protection device (machine) and installed at the entrance of the energy-using units of electricity and peaceful instrument management and energy saving data, implement every 1 minutes of "four" real-time quantitative, quantitative calculation, quantitative quantitative assessment, quantitative track, rewards and punishments.



Technical advantages

High energy saving

(1) The power saving rate obtained is determined by reading the user's metering meter, and is the final data, rather than the end (end) end of the energy products only for a certain set or some electrical equipment energy saving, will not produce local energy saving and the whole does not save money.

② The data is obtained through the same time, the same load, the same load, the same environment of the "four same" income. 

③ The device is unattended, automatic and intelligent throughout the operation process.

High protection

(1) the protection equipment, instruments and meters, circuit and switches, installed after the central energy-saving protection device, greatly reduces the power distribution system in all equipment, instruments, meters, circuit and switch of fever, vibration and noise, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, reduce the risk of stop production, improve product machining accuracy, improve the qualified rate.

(2) For some high, sophisticated equipment and instruments, such as high-end testing equipment, expensive medical equipment, scientific research equipment, etc., can also eliminate errors, misjudgments, accidents caused by electrical pollution, affect and interfere with the level of scientific research, medical level play.

③ Reduce electromagnetic radiation from the source, improve the working environment, especially the cumulative harm of computers, improve the soft power of competition.


High safety

The so-called "high safety" mainly refers to two aspects, one is the harmony of the central energy-saving protection device's own safety;Second, the user equipment is burned out, and even cause fire, failure of the important source of failure.

High mechanism

The so-called high mechanism means that after the installation of xianghe central energy-saving protection device, users can be helped to establish a man-machine integrated management mode by means of remote monitoring to promote the implementation in place. 

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